City of Encinitas to host event showcasing geospatial technology

The city of Encinitas is inviting citizens to an open house Nov. 16 where community members can interact with geographic information systems (GIS) technologies and learn how the city uses GIS to support transparency and citizen engagement, according to a press release from the city.

The event takes place from noon to 5 p.m. at Encinitas City Hall (505 S. Vulcan Ave.) in the Poinsettia Room.

GIS Day is an international event that happens once a year where GIS experts hold gatherings for people to explore the power of GIS technologies and discover its benefits.

A geographic information system is a system designed to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographical data. GIS technology helps people and organizations solve big problems and make better decisions by understanding geographical data and planning accordingly, according to the release. With GIS, users can view relationships, processes, patterns and trends in the form of maps, graphs and reports. From mapping wildfires to finding the best location for a local coffee shop, GIS helps people understand the world around them and intelligently engage with it, according to the release.

In Encinitas, GIS technology is a core component of many of the City’s major business systems and applications, according to the city. It’s estimated that approximately 80 percent of the information a local government decision maker needs is geographic in nature.

Encinitas’ GIS Day event will feature maps, posters, do-it-yourself GIS applications, giveaways and more. Community members are invited to see how GIS is used to help with daily operations at the city and to assist with complex decision-making. GIS is crucial for government transparency and citizen engagement initiatives and is at the center of the city’s recently published Work Program Story Map, an interactive application that maps the city’s current work projects, according to the release.

GIS Day is a day within Geography Awareness Week that provides an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world maps and applications that are making a difference in our society. Currently, there are more than 800 GIS Day events around the world that are scheduled to take place on Nov. 16, according to the release.


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